Lifecycle Security for Legacy Linux Platforms

It’s a common challenge for network equipment companies: The priority is creating breakthrough innovations, not supporting and maintaining legacy software on deployed equipment. But the unfortunate consequence, all too often, is a buildup of technical debt, higher security risks, and unstable software platforms. In the case of one long-term Wind River® customer, a network equipment

Financial services in a changed world

Is Your Company Ready to Support the New Ways of Working—for Customers and Employees? Globalization and digitization were transforming the way we work even before the global COVID 19 pandemic, but going forward, flexible hybrid workspaces will be the norm. With that comes the expectation of equity and inclusiveness for employees, and more personalized, meaningful

Shaping the Future of Work in European Healthcare

UCaaS can go a long way toward keeping employees healthier, more productive, and balanced. 79%of European healthcare organizations interviewed by IDC are implementing these key actions to improve workforce experience. 58% Investing in intelligent decision support. 38% Enhancing collaboration and investing in related platforms/ solutions. 30% Continuing to invest in telehealth and virtual visit solutions.

Reinventing Teams in a Hybrid First World

Why Businesses Must Shift to Hybrid Work Employees’ desire for remote and hybrid work arrangements is greater than companies are willing to commit to. However, IDC surveys show that hybrid is more than an employee benefit, it is fundamentally a business initiative impacting the bottom line. 72% of European companies are implementing hybrid work models

Planning for the Future: How Empathy at Scale Can Drive Insurance Resilience in the New Digital Era

Although digital transformation has provided opportunities for the industry in the form of new, more cost-effective distribution channels and straightforward customer journeys, it has also resulted in some adverse implications. As face-to-face transactions become less common, particularly in the personal line of business, insurance providers need to find a way to create a personal touch

Moving beyond meetings to incorporate programmable video as part of an enterprise communications strategy

The challenges that have stemmed from the COVID-19 pandemic—notably the lockdown orders, travel restrictions, and the pivot to remote work—have propelled awareness and daily use of collaboration tools. This is particularly true for video conferencing and online meetings. Most businesses that enabled employees to work from home quickly embraced video as a means to maintain

Zoom in for financial services

Employees can deliver innovative, orchestrated, seamless services to customers across multiple teams, lines of business, and geographies. Enable scalable and efficient work through a single platform designed to support compliant communications. Thirty percent of financial services institutions believe their digital experience is “lagging behind” consumer expectations.