Cinque passi per guidare il Customer Engagement digitale

Il Customer Engagement digitale si sta evolvendo rapidamente. Quest’anno i clienti destineranno il 25% in più della propria spesa verso quelle realtà in grado di compiere correttamente la trasformazione digitale. Le chat sul web, le app di messaggistica social e i chatbot hanno un potenziale enorme in quanto a engagement e supporto dei clienti. Tuttavia,

Guida all’acquisto per contact center

Trend e tecnologie che indirizzano le Customer ed Employee Experience del futuro L’inizio del 2022 cade a due anni da quello della pandemia di COVID-19. Oggi è ormai chiaro: la pandemia globale ha cambiato per sempre il modo in cui viviamo, lavoriamo e conduciamo le nostre attività. I responsabili della Customer Experience (CX) stanno assegnando

The State of Customer Experience

The State of Customer Experience is an ongoing series of consumer and business research related to customer experience (CX). This is the second global survey, executed in April and May 2021 on behalf of Genesys by an independent research firm. It includes insights from 2,629 consumers and 690 CX executives across multiple industries drawn from

The Connected Customer Experience: CX defines brand success for consumers today

The COVID-19 pandemic profoundly changed the ways in which people live, work and interact with friends, colleagues and businesses. In this new global report, Genesys surveyed over 11,000 consumers across the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific to understand how the pandemic affected people’s health, happiness, and social and professional interactions — and how businesses

2022 Contact Center Buyer’s Guide

The start of 2022 marks two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. And now it’s clear: The global pandemic has permanently changed the way we live, work and do business. Customer experience (CX) leaders are prioritising solutions that give organisations the agility needed for swift, sustainable differentiation — no matter what changes the future holds.

Competing in Clearance

Today’s students expect and demand a whole range of ways to contact their preferred universities and for the applications process to be smoothly managed through those same channels. A traditional voice-based PBX exchange is ill-equipped to meet those expectations, or to handle the speed and complexity of customer service interactions in the digital age. And

The state of customer experience

This Whitepaper explores the changes in consumers’ channel preferences and satisfaction, the devices they’re using to interact with businesses, trends in personalization and how consumers are using social media to advocate for the companies that provide excellent service.

Practical guide to Modern Workforce Engagement.

Focus on your employees’ needs and they’ll contribute to your success. Workforce engagement uses artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools and processes to simplify performance and quality management — and flexible forecasting and scheduling. When employees feel valued, supported and engaged, you have a direct path to improve customer satisfaction. Read this guide for more information.