Driving value with better decision-making

With risks around every corner, directors and executives need technology that can evolve as quickly as the business environment. Otherwise, they may fail to make the right decisions at critical times — and expose their organizations to costly risks. It’s a lot to keep up with. But with this checklist, organized into four key competencies of

Entity management technology: An untapped operational advantage

Entity management technology may just be the “silver bullet” your C-suite is looking for. And with this guide, your team will be equipped to: Overcome the three most common challenges of entity management Identify best practices for meeting entity management requirements head-on Use robust technologies to help your organization gain a strategic advantage

How Governance Technology Can Improve Your Board’s Performance

To be truly impactful, today’s boards must understand that transparency and accountability are just as important to investors and shareholders as the need to keep pace with new opportunities, new security threats, and new global and economic developments. With the increased focus on reporting requirements for governance, risk and compliance (GRC) protocols, as well as

A Buyer’s guide to board management software

How the right software can improve your board’s performance: To truly be effective, today’s boards need to keep pace with new technologies, new security threats, and new global and economic developments, as well as emerging frameworks like ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) and GRC (governance, risk management and compliance). Governance tools must adapt to

Modern Governance Guide for Security Professionals

The technology, processes and skills that today’s companies need are evolving as quickly as the business landscape. Organisations must be all at once more informed, more secure, more collaborative and more purpose-driven. Modern governance equips organisations with the tools they need to protect data, streamline collaboration and ultimately drive better decision-making.

4 tips to ensure your board is ready for a successful AGM

The 2022 AGM season is on course to see unprecedented levels of challenge for boards and businesses. As stakeholder capitalism continues to evolve and ESG topics take centre stage, leadership teams and governance professionals need to be primed and ready with the data and insight they need to present and defend key strategic decisions.