Today’s OT Systems Need IT Security Capabilities

Industrial companies need strong OT cybersecurity programs to deal with today’s sophisticated threat environment. Facilities have become prime targets for ransomware and sophisticated nation-state attacks. Insecure IoT devices, cloud connections, and increased use of remote access have exploded the pathways for attacks on critical systems. This ARC report describes the major gaps in today’s OT

Empower Digital Transformation by Protecting Converged IT and OT

Operational technology (OT) networks, which control equipment in critical infrastructures such as utilities and manufacturing assembly lines, have traditionally been kept separate from information technology (IT) networks, which control data in organizations. This ebook identifies and discusses the drivers of IT and OT network convergence. It also highlights the technologies that asset owners should deploy

Causes and Consequences of IT and OT Convergence

Why Security Must Cover the Entire Attack Surface Until recently, operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) had completely different purposes and were on separate, independent networks. But digital transformation (DX) is forcing the merger of the networks to reduce costs, increase productivity, and gain or maintain competitive advantage. A growing number of sectors are