The Global State of Mobile Phishing

Protecting against mobile phishing is essential to minimizing data risk: Gone are the days of brute force cyber attacks. Users, endpoints, and applications are now closely connected to each other, which means threat actors can initiate advanced attacks by simply stealing an employee’s credentials. By posing as a legitimate user, attackers can bypass many security

Top Five Risks When Operating in the Cloud

Most organizations today operate in the cloud. By taking advantage of the scalability and ease of operation of cloud services, you can enhance productivity and collaboration while reducing operational costs. And when you’re using someone else’s infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about upkeep, which means you can more easily expand capacity and recover from

I cinque rischi principali quando si opera nel cloud

Oggi la maggior parte delle organizzazioni opera nel cloud. Se da un lato questo semplifica le operazioni sotto molti aspetti, dall’altro comporta una serie di rischi che possono avere un impatto significativo sui profitti: nel 2021, il costo medio di una violazione del cloud pubblico è stato di 4,8 milioni di dollari*. Quando si opera

Top Five Risks When Operating in the Cloud

Most organizations today operate in the cloud. While this simplifies operations in many ways, it comes with its own set of risks that can significantly impact your bottom line — in 2021, the average cost of a public cloud breach was $4.8 million.* As you operate in the cloud you need to be aware of

How to Build an Effective Data Security Strategy

Data security has always been a top priority for you. But flexible work environments and cloud services have altered how and where your employees can connect and in turn, where your data resides. The more spread out your data is, the less visibility and control you have. As a result, 66% of organizations have experienced

As Organizations Evolve, So Does Ransomware

Understanding 2021’s Biggest Ransomware Attacks Can Save You in 2022 and Beyond 57% of security leaders believe they will experience a ransomware attack within the next year, with 83% of them concerned about damage to their business reputation in the event of an attack.* Ransomware is not a new threat, but the tactics that attackers are using