Per i fornitori di software indipendenti è arrivato il momento di modernizzare

Dal momento che le aziende di oggi cercano maggiore flessibilità e riduzione dei costi di gestione e manutenzione IT, la domanda di modelli di distribuzione delle applicazioni Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) continua a crescere. Per soddisfare questa domanda crescente, molti fornitori di software indipendenti (ISV) si stanno rivolgendo al cloud per creare ed eseguire le proprie applicazioni

Build modern apps faster with AWS

As organizations transition from monolithic applications to microservices, development teams need the right tools to stay productive. Read the eBook from AWS to learn three tips to help your developers build scalable, secure, and performant web and mobile applications: – Utilize modern purpose-built tools and frameworks – Simplify access to distributed data sources – Operate

Build modern apps with event-driven architectures

For organizations that want to increase agility and build more reliable, scalable applications, event-driven architectures (EDAs) are an effective approach to building complex applications with less risk. Read the guide to learn: – Common patterns and use cases – Key considerations for design – Best practices for making architectural choices

Build and release better products faster

Modern application development is a powerful approach to designing, building, and managing software in the cloud. This proven approach increases the agility of your development teams and the reliability and security of your applications, allowing you to build and release better products faster. We’ve worked with a wide range of customers to increase the agility